Treatment Policies & Fees

Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management



New Patient Evaluation (1-hour)
Follow-up appointments (20min)
Follow-up appointments (40min)
Established Patient Telephone Consultation (20min)
Established Patient Telephone Consultation (30min)
Cannabis Program
$250 not covered by insurance

Other Charges


Missed appointments (no call/no show)
Same day cancellations
Refills between appointments
Letters (for patient) simple to detailed
Third party letters
Patient Records
Third party request of records
Fax, printing or mailing
$.75 per page
Disability Paper work (Must be established which is 6 months or longer of consistent uninterrupted treatment)
FMLA (Must be established patient)



The initial appointment is a 60-minute session.  Following the evaluation,  follow-up appointments are 20-minutes (medication management). Tele-psychiatry appointments are available for some private insurance, otherwise patient has the option to pay out of pocket. At minimum, on-going patients are to be seen at least once every three months unless deemed otherwise by the provider. Usually patients that are being seen once every three months are stable. Adequate refills of medications to last until the next recommended appointment are written during sessions. If there is a pause in follow-up sessions longer than 6 months, a repeat initial evaluation session charge will be necessary for a comprehensive review for changes in your condition and health.

GMH Psychiatry LLC does not accept new clients who need documentation for situations such as:

  • Court Cases of any kind(e.g., an open court case, probation, lawsuits, etc..)
  • Assessment (e.g., Fitness for Service, , Study Abroad, comfort or therapy pet, etc.)
  • Academic reasons (e.g., seeking an Incomplete in a course, fitness to return to school or work, completing therapy as a course requirement)
  • A new or pending short/long-term disability case
  • Any other situation in which a third-party needs documentation from a therapist on behalf of a client


Payment of Fees


All charges are due the day of service and payable by credit card or debit only (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express). All debit cards must have a Visa or MasterCard logo.  Services will not be rendered for patients that have accounts that are not in good standing. Patients will be discharged and referred out if accounts remain delinquent for longer than 90 days.  This does not apply to Medicaid patients. This however does apply to patients who have private insurance and pay out of pocket.


Medical Insurance


Provider will accept most medical insurances. Please call to see what insurance is accepted. If your deductible is not met please contact your insurance provider to see if deductibles are waived for mental health services or what your payment will be for services until your deductible has been satisfied. You are encouraged to know your benefits for coverage and co-pay.


Private Pay Advantages


No third-party invasion of your privacy. Confidential diagnosis and treatment. No insurance company or managed care interference for self-pay evening and weekend appointments. Who do you trust most to select treatment…you and your physician or an insurance company executive? Dennis’s sole allegiance is to you. There is no split allegiance between an insurance company and you.


Missed Appointments/Cancellations


If you are unable to keep an appointment, please give 48 hours advance notice (weekends and holidays excluded); otherwise you will be charged for the time that was reserved for you. There will be no exceptions besides emergencies. Same day cancellations will also be charged a no-show fee. Be aware that insurance plans do not reimburse for missed appointment charges. You may cancel your appointment by leaving a voice-mail message at 301-955-9812 and or reply to text message reminder. Medicaid patients will not be charged a no show fee, however if there are two missed appointments/same day cancellations, patient will be discharged from practice and referred to another agency.


Medication Prior Authorization forms- $25 flat fee


This only applies to private pay and private insurance patients wanting to be on medications not initiated by provider. If the pharmacy does not give you the prior authorization form or fax it to the office directly, you can download it yourself from your insurance’s website (once you log-on). Ask the pharmacy (nicely) to get and authorization form filled out as much as possible (eg with insurance info, address, etc) or fill it out yourself. I complete the medical justification portion and send it to the insurance company. If your pharmacist tells you “the doctor has to call insurance”, you still need to either convince them to obtain a form, or get one yourself. (In other words, I don’t make these calls, because they usually take about 45 minutes.)


Consultation with school personal/IEP meetings: Provider doe snot do consultations with school or go to IEP meetings. Provider will provide records.


Tele-psychiatry Appointment Available:  With tele-psychiatry, pt. will be able to conduct appointments from home or anywhere that is convenient from laptop and or smart phone device via Zoom.  Please check with your insurance carrier if you would like this option for appointments.